Anders Maagaard 

I offer contemplative therapy based on buddhist psychology. My background is studying with mainly tibetan Lamas but have also studied academically.

You can read more about me and what I offer on this link

Anders Maagaard 

I offer Abhyanga oil massage, Marma therapy and Shirodhara treatments in Tinkuy.

You can read more about me and my treatments on this link

Lea Thorning 

I have a 3 year education as a body therapist at body-sds with subsequent education for 1 1/2 years where I worked as a body therapist in the body-sds center.

I now have more than 10 years of experience and have worked with everything from physical injuries as well as emotional crises, life crises and stress.

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Thomas Dehn

The tantra massage is a 2-3 hour full-body massage focused on intimacy, wellness, love, and energy flow, based on a variety of different massage techniques. The Body De-Armouring is a 2 hour cooperative massage therapy session, and a powerful therapeutic tool focusing on releasing blockages through muscular pressure and space holding.

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Note: at Tinkuy, all of our complete members have the option to practice as therapists. Some have a long professional background, while others are brand new with no formal education. What is a good therapist for you? As with everything else in life, we encourage you to tune in to your heart and intuition to answer that!