Annabella Al-Nafusi

Jeg tilbyder Stress Release Terapi til dig, som har brug for at få beroliget nervesystemet og lande dejligt i kroppen.

Behandlingerne foregår med healende og dybdegående berøring.

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Esther Økær 

I will guide you safely on a journey to the past, where we meet your frozen self, just after the experience of a trauma. From here the healing starts. I also use my intuitive channeling skills, so we in this way work together to release the trauma and you can be free. Read more here

Helena Drewes 

MA-URI is a healing massage that, using long rhythmic strokes with the forearms and pressure with the elbows (mine), loosens up the tension in your body. It is a full body treatment that ends with a facial massage.

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Jakob Myrhøj 

Coaching and guidance: Do you want to integrate your deeper development and life process with the work of wounds and trauma? Our wounds, dysfunctional sides and embossments from childhood are deeply connected to our deeper purposes and ultimately our spiritual path.

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Jens Pedersen 

Har du brug for coaching og rådgivning, så få en tid hos mig. Du er meget velkommen! Specialties include:
dating & parforhold
angst & depression
eksamen & karriere

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Lea Thorning 

I have a 3 year education as a body therapist at body-sds with subsequent education for 1 1/2 years where I worked as a body therapist in the body-sds center.

I now have more than 10 years of experience and have worked with everything from physical injuries as well as emotional crises, life crises and stress.

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Lya Moestrup

Tantramassage til mænd og kvinder 

Mit ønske med at give tantramassage er, at min gæst får dybere kontakt med sig selv, sin sensualitet, seksualitet, sit nærvær, sit selv og ikke mindst oplever øget selvkærlighed. Læs mere på

Louise Bøg-Hansen 

I offer sessions with a mix of massage, triggerpoints, reiki..

I regard the body as an ekspression of one interconnected intelligent communication system, consisting of mind, emotion and body.

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Tanja Krogh Pedersen

I offer a chakra balancing healing where I am working with spirit guides and helpers. It creates balance, inner peace and connectedness with yourself.

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Thomas Dehn

The tantra massage is a 2-3 hour full-body massage focused on intimacy, wellness, love, and energy flow, based on a variety of different massage techniques. The Body De-Armouring is a 2 hour cooperative massage therapy session, and a powerful therapeutic tool focusing on releasing blockages through muscular pressure and space holding.

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Note: at Tinkuy, all of our complete members have the option to practice as therapists. Some have a long professional background, while others are brand new with no formal education. What is a good therapist for you? As with everything else in life, we encourage you to tune in to your heart and intuition to answer that!