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Tinkuy is a trust-based community where the members train their ‘spiritual muscle’ using well-tested techniques like meditation, yoga, breathwork, dancing and more. Here, you meet and co-create with other inspiring, interested people. 

Tinkuy is a word from the Quechua language used by a nomadic people living in Peru and Bolivia. It means ‘meeting.’ They use it for describing the meeting point of two rivers, where two mountains meet under the ground and the meeting between two souls.

New Circle Movement is an association with the purpose of providing a supporting structure that gives communities access to the basic tools that all communities need. For example, member payments, user logins, resource allocation, booking events and a web platform to do this. In this way, the communities can focus on what they are passionate about instead of the logistics. 

All members can suggest a project (called epicenter on the website), and if it receives support from at least 100 other members who together place enough votes on the epicenter, the caretakers for the project receives monthly funding. The purpose of New Circle Movement is to distribute all membership fees paid to the projects that the members find important.

In this way the platform is a tool to find out what is important for the members? And resources are guided to these projects. Like today Tinkuy receives monthly funding.

All memberships on New Circle Movement are traded in waterdrops, and therefor also the memberships for Tinkuy. It is all a part of the new emerging structures of the new economy we see arising, where the currencies used support the higher good of the community instead of the opposite. For more information on this you can see a presentation in the danish parlament made in november 2017.  

See more on . Here the articles of the association.

To book a class just click the button where it says ‘book’ in the schedule. The number on the button (usually 10) signifies how many plums you use for the booking. Note: Evening and weekend classes may have another type of booking (see the description for the class)

One of the benefits is that you get plums, which function like points. Each member gets a certain number of plums each month, depending on the type of membership. This number is visible in the top right corner of our website when you are logged in. The plums are used to access the resources in our community. That means you can use your plums to sign up for classes via the activity calender and for booking the treatment rooms if you wish to use it for offering treatments or for your own use.

The waterdrops are the name of the points used in the broader community, New Circle Movement, and decides where the resources in that community goes (the monthly memberships) – for more info see this video.



On our join page, decide the membership that’s right for you and then click the green button. Payment is with credit card. If you would prefer paying with bank transfer to reg 8401 nr  1292459 that is also an option: Just write us a message on   

Welcome! Please sign up for your first class, or just stop by!

Check out the benefits here.

Memberships and payments are handled by New Circle Movement. 

To change the membershiptype

1) Logon to 
2) Click profile icon in top right corner, select ‘my profile’
3) Select ‘Memberships’ in menu to the left
4) Click ‘Ret’ on New Circle Movement and select the new membership you want (nb! select the new, do not click ‘cancel’)
5) Again in the ‘Memberships’ section: Find Tinkuy and click ‘Ret’ there and select the membership you want

Note that there is a membership for New Circle Movement, and also each of the projects (like Tinkuy) on the platform has their own memberships, so to change membership you often has to change both of them. 

To cancel membership:
1) logon to
2) Click profile icon in top right corner, select ‘my profile’
3) Select ‘Membership’  and click the grey button ‘Ret’ on New Circle Movement
4) Click cancel membership 

Click here for more information, also you are very welcome to send an email to or call +45 22240542 if you have any questions.


When your credit card expires and you get a new, it is important that you update on our page. It is quite easy! :

1) login on
2) Choose ‘my profile‘ in top right corner, and then click ‘payment‘ in the menu to the left
3) Click ‘update credit card‘

If any questions or problems call Johan on +45 22240542, mail


Classes & workshops

As a basic or complete member in Tinkuy you can host your own workshops. To add your workshop follow the procedure described in this document. If you have any other questions not answered here you are very welcome to call 22240542 or stop by the center monday to thursdays between 10 and 14 and talk to one of us who know the house!