A safe space for you to reconnect

Tinkuy offers a breathing space in the center of Copenhagen, where you can be yourself and practice daily activities that can help you in the transition towards your inner self and to your natural state of being. You can attend activities such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, music and dancing at an affordable price.

Tinkuy offers a platform for its members to unfold and express their creativity, passion and soul purpose in form of classes, workshops, concerts and more. Tinkuy is also inviting and welcoming workshops from resourceful and inspiring people from outside the community.

Tinkuy helps you in the transition towards reconnecting with yourself, by offering inspirational activities and a safe space for unfolding and aligning with your true inner self.

This reconnection paves the way to greater joy, fulfillment and sense of purpose and meaning – in other words strong soul connection that effortlessly expresses your unique gift to the world.

When you are connected with your natural, spontaneous self, this opens up for new, heartfelt relations and experiences and for reestablishing harmony with nature and one another.

In this state you are more at ease and are more connected with yourself and the world around you.