Igniting the global shift in consciousness

A global shift in consciousness is taking place. An old way of being falls away and something new is shining through.

In our individual lives we feel it as an awareness of our heart and a conscious tuning into that part of our body as a foundation for our presence, speech and actions.

In our relations we see it manifested as a mutual support for the unfolding of our deepest potential – first and foremost a state of being. A coming together from the heart gently supports the qualities of the soul to shine through.

The trust based communities that are forming from this shift in consciousness are manifesting the will and consciousness of our planet. As a trust based community, Tinkuy is in resonance with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

The Tinkuy centers are reestablishing the connection to the heart, by the steady rhythm of activities offered in the centers. 

Our vision for the future
The first Tinkuy center was founded in 2014 in Copenhagen. But it didn’t stop there. By 2025, we see a center in every major city. Each of the centers is crowdfunded by the global association New Circle Movement, which serves to gather and allocate attention, energy and money to the projects that the members find most important. The open source system used by New Circle Movement paves the way for a new global economic system.

This is the vision of Tinkuy.