Akal Devi Kaur (Runa Anderson)

Kundalini Yoga

These teachings are tools to elevate your spirit, quite your mind, balance your body and organs and free your emotions. But to reach a high state of consciousness you need to get in touch with all these parts within you, commit and connect and do the work. “Keep up, and you will be kept up”.

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Ajeetdev Kaur Khalsa

Kundalini yoga

This practice is for you to be more you. To connect with your infinite soul, to grow and be happy. I love to facilitate processes of personal growth in groups and 1:1, love to travel, love to care. I do care. I offer kundalini yoga, access bars and psychotherapy. Read more here

Hanne Sørensen 

Classical Yoga

I teach classical yoga – primarily hatha yoga and my emphasis is on strengthening the connection between body and consciousness  – on balance, inner peace, clarity, relaxation and presence.

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Louise Bøg-Hansen

Qi Gong and Tai Chi 

It is with joy I share my knowledge, love and passion for qiqong and taichi. Together we will explore basic principles such as body-mechanic, natural movement, breath, posture, body connection and most importantly and the most difficult: True relaxation of body and mind. Read more here.

Marcello Real 

Reconnective Yoga

I’m the Reconnective Yoga teacher at Tinkuy. I’m also a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT – Danish equivalent “Kandidat grad i psykologi”) who does counselings and regressions with an open, compassionate and calm mind.  Private yoga and meditation classes also available. 

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Maja Kielberg

Hatha Yoga

Jeg blev uddannet hathayogainstruktør i 2014 (RYT 200 hours) og jeg underviser i blid, simpel hathayoga.  Jeg drømmer om at flytte på landet, holde lamaer og dyrke en masse grøntsager. Læs mere her.

Runi Gindesgaard 

Voice coach, music teacher

Runi offer Voice Yoga classes, rhythm/singing circles and workshops in selfhealing with sound, aswell as private sessions in voice therapy, vocal soundhealing, and musical coaching.

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 Suddha Priya

OM Chanting ; Kirtan, Bhajan and Mantra facilitator

Suddha Priya has been a spiritual seeker since her early adolescence. Her life gained a more profound meaning after meeting her spiritual Master Paramahamsa Vishwananda and becoming a practitioner of Atma Kriya Yoga in 2015. 

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 Tanja Krogh Pedersen

Restorativ workshops som er målrettet aktivering af det parasympatiske nervesystem. Det giver en dyb ro og forbundethed med dig selv.
Så kroppen kan heale sig selv. 

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Thomas Munch 

Circle Training (Body SDS)
Cultivating yoga, philosophy, and Body SDS education and since 2014 have been working with people, primarily through conversation and body treatments.
I love nature but also city life and diversity.

Tove Jørgensen

Meditative Circle Dance
In Meditative Circle Dance (also called Sacred Dance and Dance Meditation), we dance from the heart, and always to very beautiful music. The simplicity and immersion of dances calls for an inner presence and provides peace and joy in body and soul, and the fellowship that arises during the dances is very enriching.
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